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I became obsessed as a child with finding a way to go back in time and see with my own eyes when my dad saw my mother for the first time and fell completely in love with her, when my dad swam with Mark Spitz in 1967 in the pre-Olympics way back before Michael Phelps was even born. I grow up listening to fascinating stories of my parents’ lives: how they met, when they fell in love, their struggles, their triumphs and my father’s swimming career as an Olympian. My mom came from a very rich family in Mexico City and my dad from a very poor family whose mother was dying of cancer. Every time they shared their stories with me, I tried to imagine being there, but that was not enough for me. I wanted to live those moments and yearned to experience them myself. As the years passed by, I gave up on my dream of finding a way to go back in time and I just enjoyed listening to their stories over and over again. As I continued growing up, I learned that sometimes it serves no purpose to get so obsessive about something, a thing or a dream; we might just have to let go, let life guide you and surprise you. I was in my early twenties when the universe put in front of me my time machine, and it all unfolded through film classes. I couldn’t believe it; after many years as a kid of trying to build it, create it or find it, it was there in front of me, so simple! Through my writing and the lens of a camera I’m able to capture the past, explore the present and travel the future. 


My camera became my time machine and my pen became the engine to start it. In my writing  I'm very honest in my presentation, and even though it is real and personal I like to present it in a way that makes it more exciting for people to get engaged and curious about other ways of life that they may not have previously understood. The projects I introduce come from real stories, stories that I have been passionate about, adding my personal experience and fictional events and characters that will (hopefully!) captive my readers  and eventual viewers. I develop and adapt stories and characters from my constant observation of the way people think, act, move, react and the decisions they take and where those take them. I like to take on stories that are controversial and remarkable that will present the opportunity to open the minds of my readers towards aiming to think about their own personal life and the way they think and see life in general. I came to the United States with my mother's dream of a better life without knowing the consequences of that dream and the struggles I was going to encounter, and even though I have fallen many times I have never given up and I hope that with my story and the stories I film and write people will get the courage to follow their dreams.

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In 2007 Leticia de Lopez and I started MoonSue Productions, a film, music, television, commercial, and theatre company. The purpose behind this company was to provide a space for creativity, for representation of the most important elements of my endeavors in the entertainment industry. From its inception, I have had the opportunity to work with Oscar winners, with television stars, with talented authors and musicians. Under the umbrella of this company, I was able to produce, direct, and write the valuable stories that I wanted to tell, that captivated me and that I wanted to share with a broader audience. We have had the honor of winning several film awards with our projects "Shutter Mind," "Deviants," and "Paranoia." With the band MoonSue we have played at various music festivals and events. As a result of these experiences, I have been invited to be a judge in film and music festivals. Here below you will find the posters of the films produced by MoonSue Productions: shorts, feature length, and documentaries that I have produced under this label.


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To get more information about any of our films, to see trailers, or to rent to watch the films, click the MoonSue logo.

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So proud and excited! Our Docu-series Willing To Kill, Willing To Die - Episode 01 is an official selection to the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival in New York City. The festival will take place Nov. 1st - Nov. 5th, 2023. Thank you to all the soldiers who participated in this docu-series and to Sgt. Jorge Otero Barreto for trusting with his extraordinary story. Thank you to all of my team, I couldn't have done it without your support.


MoonSue Productions announces that we are super excited to share that our new docuseries pilot "Willing to Kill, Willing to Die," in association with America's Rambo, LLC., is finally finished! We are ready to present it to Premium and Cable television networks, streaming services, studios and public broadcasting services. If you want to know more about this project click the poster that will take you on a journey to learn more about this incredible story that needs to be told!

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TRANSITION wins the Indie Spirit Award at the Simply Indie Film Festival 2022

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We are super EXCITED to announce that Melissa Sue will be collaborating with Nathan Lee as a co-writer for their new screenplay  BEAST FM!!! Also she will be directing the film. "It's been many years since I been wanting to work with incredible writer and artist Nathan Lee. This story needs to be told." 

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