Dec. 29, 2019



God and the universe have given me the most beautiful gift of being able to enjoy life once again. I really thought I was not going to make it, but with the massive prayers I received, the support of my friends and the incredible love of my family, I didn't go to the light. I told God and the universe that I was not ready, that I still had many things to learn before being with them. How to give completely, how to help others, how to be a better friend, wife, sister and daughter. How to become independent, how to be stronger, how to become the best version of me and not lose confidence. How to be humble, how to listen, how to follow and how to lead. How to be understanding, content and compassionate. How to be honest with myself, how to be silent, how to listen and how to say no. How to communicate and express my feelings. How to control my anger and my fear. How to love others and myself. How to have faith, how to not doubt, how to believe and how to trust. How to take care of my body, my spirit and my soul. How to not fear failure, how to ask for help, and when to quit.  I'm finally AWAKE!! I can't wait to relearn the how's of life. 

I went deep into my soul, to learn to find my true self and I encourage you to do the same. You will be surprised at what you will find out about yourself and this life. Before my surgery I thought I had learned everything I needed to learn and I was completely wrong. We have so much potential! We just need to be patient, learn who we are and not run so fast. Society's beliefs have done us wrong! We have so much to offer and to give, but all starts within us.  Listen to your heart, soul and mind. I believe that you and I are alive in this world for a reason. Find your purpose - you are an amazing human being and you can make a difference. I will be walking next to you in this incredible journey. We can do it! You and I are not so different; we are in this together. We need to be part of the new change, in order to share our experiences and our stories to make this world a better place. We need to be more united than ever. Let me know your journey. I'm here for you.