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Stephanie Peña


Stephanie Peña has served as Voice Announcer, Emcee and National Anthem

Vocalist for UnidosUS; the largest Latino, social justice organization in the nation

for 20 years.


Amongst her highest honors, Peña has performed for multiple U.S. Presidents and

recently joined Demi Lovato for the 2021 Presidential Inauguration. Another

highlight includes sharing the stage with Grammy-Award Winning; Mariachi

Campanas de America who accompanied Selena, herself.

Narrator for Award-Winning Audiobook “Said the Fly“, featured on iTunes,

Audible & Amazon, Stephanie is a Member of the American Federation of

Television and Radio Artists and the Screen Actors Guild. Peña is heavily engaged

in Oklahoma’s thriving film education initiatives.


Kennedy Center Alumni, Stephanie has voiced roles for such Champions as the

United Nations, the Small Business Administration, the Hispanic Heritage Awards

and the League of United Latin American Citizens, just to name a few.

Stephanie is a multi-media mujer, motivated by the mission to showcase the

accurate, relevant and inclusive portrayal of Latinos in the media and is committed

to elevating marginalized voices as well as ensuring meaningful messages resonate

through storytelling.

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